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Ace Connell


Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Ace Connell and after touring stages and recording studios around the world for a decade as a session musician; I decided to follow my true passion: illustration. The decision was helped, in part, by the arrival of my daughter, Layla.  It’s tough when you’re booked to do a three month tour abroad when you have a little girl waiting for you at home.

Throughout my life it’s been rare to find me without a sketchbook and a pencil doodling something. It’s how I make sense of the world. Moving to illustration after music was no-brainer for me… I didn’t have to think twice about it.

The long journey then started…

Every day I would draw for 10-12 hours and study with the best people I could find in animation, illustration and painting. I’ve studied under ex-Disney animators and some of the best illustrators in the world. I’m not very mercurial in the sense that if I want to be something, I can’t stop until I’m the best. That’s the greatest thing about art… you can never be the best so every day is a battle against yourself to constantly improve.

After studying animation and illustrating book covers and posters I went into live caricature work and was seen drawing at proms, weddings, parties and festivals until I found the perfect match for my passion and my style – editorial illustration.

I love working under pressure to a tight deadline and pride myself on being able to solve problems quickly in a way that I can communicate with my art.

Now that you know who I am… let’s get your project started!