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Ace Connell

Studio Co-Owner & Wildlife Tattoo Artist

Ace started his art career being taught by an ex-Disney animator. Studying drawing and animation through anatomy sparked his love for figure drawing and animal art. Through the lessons and years of art mentorship, Ace then found tattooing as a way to create art that is so meaningful to someone that for the rest of their life, they will be a walking canvas - carrying the art everywhere with them.

Ace started his tattoo career as a new school artist, bringing those Disney art principles to the skin. After completing his apprenticeship and getting into the real-world of tattooing, he found his enjoyment and style worked hand-in-hand with wildlife tattoos.

Now, co-owning Regenerates Tattoo Studio with Chris Shally in Hull, UK, Ace spends his days tattooing black and grey wildlife tattoos. Adding his own style and sense of motion to each one.

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Ace Connell - Wildlife Tattoo Artist

Ace's Art